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How to bring more kindness and civility back to society, Giving a damn

Many of us feel that modern society has become less kind, polite, and civil. How can we reverse this troubling trend? On his many podcasts, author and entrepreneur Mark Lewis, talks about the decline of common courtesy and morals, and how we can return to them.

Newell: Let’s get on board and “Give a Damn!”

“Give a Damn’ is certainly a movement,” Newell began, “and what’s unusual about this release of the book is that it also comes with a challenge – a challenge to members of Congress, and accountability challenge for them to give a damn… you come from the technology center and you’ve spent a lot of time talking about that in the book, some of the successes and failures of leaders in that world. At one point, you say ‘in large part, technology is to blame for robbing us of skills like maintaining empathy in an emotionally charged situation. We need to spend more time interacting with people in all sorts of situations, and less time watching screens.”

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The ENTREPRENEURS’ Organization

The Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) is a global, peer-to-peer network of more than 13,000 influential entrepreneurs with 181 chapters in 57 countries. EO Louisiana has recently seen the fastest and largest growth in membership when compared to other central region chapters.

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Give a Damn – The Ticket to Cultural Change

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