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What is a Virtual CEO Round Table Playbook?

The Virtual CEO Round Table Playbook is a program of peer-to-peer learning and collective knowledge where CEOs, business owners, and key decision-makers come together to share their experiences and insights. Whether you’re looking to refine your processes, receive opinions on crucial decisions, or want to benefit from the wisdom of other leaders who have faced similar challenges, a Virtual CEO Roundtable is the ultimate forum for growth and success.

The Importance of a Successful Facilitator

Mark has successfully facilitated CEO Round Table discussions for ten-plus years, creating dynamic conversations and assisting in professional growth while also providing education to business leaders. His extensive experience in guiding and facilitating successful CEO round tables has provided unique insights into the challenges and opportunities facing today’s business leaders. Through countless hours of dialogue with executives and leadership personnel from across the country, Mark has developed an understanding and expertise in what it takes to inspire, challenge, and empower CEOs to reach their highest potential.

Drawing from his knowledge as an entrepreneur and executive coach, Mark has meticulously designed a CEO Playbook Leadership Program that has helped business coaches and executive leaders acquire indispensable skills. Over ten monthly and immersive sessions, CEOs will gain access to exclusive strategies and techniques for all business functions, and it can be used across all industries.

Advantages of Joining a CEO Round Table Playbook Program?

  • Receipt of the Playbook program book
  • Peer to Peer networking with other executive leaders
  • Time-efficient and valuable learning experience
  • Unique roundtable meeting format 
  • Acquisition of tools and resources that CEOs can use to enhance their company infrastructure
  • Access to a vast array of ideas and experiences from other executives in the program
  • Access to a special and unique interview tool that greatly enhances the hiring of employees for enhancing a company culture
  • Access to a vast shared network of potential partners, suppliers, and subject matter experts
  • Receipt of additional education articles that enhances each session
  • Participation in group breakout sessions for a deep dive into a particular topic

Benefits of a Roundtable Structure

  • Led by an experienced leadership coach for efficient and effective discussions
  • Implementation of ten monthly sessions over the course of a year that includes learning how to::
    — Craft a compelling vision and mission statement and a unique value proposition
    — Set goals using the SMART method
    — Apply best practices in HR, marketing, sales, and financial management
    — Discover innovative ways of thinking and ideas for success
    — Implement practices to reduce waste, boost productivity, and enhance employee morale
    — Develop leadership skills through emotional intelligence and empathy
  • Create a lean organization

Virtual Round Table Eligibility

  • CEO, business owner, or a key decision-maker that has a passion for growth and success
  • Annual company revenue between $600,000 and $50,000,000
  • Company size of between 5 and 100 employees

Commitment to Your Development as a Leader

  • Ten monthly virtual meetings with 15-18 of your peers lasting 3-4 hours each
  • Additional time for reflection and preparation work
  • Business assignments are expected to be completed prior to each session

Investment in Your Development as a Leader

  • Unparalleled value at an annual cost of only $5,000 for ten sessions (payment plans are available)
  • Competitive pricing compared to similar programs that range from $10,000 to $20,000/year

Ready to Be a Better Leader and Learn from Other Executives?

  • If so, you can start by filling out the application below
  • The Virtual CEO Playbook Program will begin once 15 – 18 applications meet the requirements for participation, most likely on September 1st
  • The application period will run until August 1 or until the CEO Round table is filled, whichever comes first
  • Acceptance of applications will be on a first-come, first-served basis 
  • All accepted applicants must sign a CEO participant agreement

Application for Participation


All accepted applicants will be required to sign a CEO Participation Agreement.

To learn more or for questions, email Mark Lewis at

CEO Roundtable Valuable Takeaways: 

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