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“Mark helps motivate and inspire individuals to grow, to see their future positively and inspires them to work together! A Give a Damn transformation mindset was our ticket to make it happen!”

– CEO Round Table Participant

Mark’s presentation of a GIVE A DAMN attitude and mindset focuses on the challenges facing individuals and businesses. He inspires andmotivates people and organizations on how a GIVE A DAMN approach can make a huge difference the lives of business, employees and individuals, both professionally and personally.

Team Engaging Presentations 

Mark has delivered presentations to many corporate teams to help them understand and vastly improve their company’s culture and includes some of the following groups:

  • EnLink Corporation
  • Excel Company
  • Simon Tire
  • Jones Walker Law Firm
    …. and more

Professional  Conferences 

Mark has also delivered positive, motivating, and inspirational messages to hundreds of people who are part of the following associations and conferences:

Based on Mark’s experiences as a father, leadership coach, and multiple entrepreneurial endeavors, his  Amazon best-selling book, GIVE A DAMN – The Ticket to Cultural Change is the driving force behind his presentations as a professional speaker, which has translated into success at both the personal and professional level for hundreds of businesses and thousands of individuals.

YOur ticket to teamwork and collaboration

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