Every Coach needs the right Playbook

Defining and implementing leadership strategies

inspire leaders to greatness

CEO Playbook – Leadership Course

To be a great leader, you must have the right tools to help you lead.

CEO Round Table Playbook course for business coaches and executive leaders includes 10 sessions designed to inspire and transform leaders by teaching them indispensable skills. Over the course of 10 round table discussions, participants will learn how to:

  • Craft a superior vision statement, mission statement, and a value proposition
  • Set goals using the SMART method
  • Apply the best practices in human resources, including human capital leadership, social capital leadership, and market value leadership
  • Develop best marketing and sales practices
  • Understand financial statements
  • Discover new ways of thinking and ideas to succeed
  • Implement practices and procedures that reduce waste, increase productivity, and improve employee morale
  • Expand leadership ability through emotional intelligence and empathy

Knowledge gained from this course will result in professional growth for leaders personally and the organizations they oversee. 

As a Business Coach, you can utilize this CEO Round Table Playbook to help leaders reach their full potential. your company. The time is now for you to find the right person to grow your business.

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