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Individually YOU make a difference, collectively WE change the world!

The Give a Damn Mission

To make every person and organization happier by changing and enhancing their mindset in a more positive and serving direction towards others. This results in making the world a better place to live. This is accomplished by educating and promoting the values and principles of the Give A Damn philosophy so that every person and organization implements them daily.

Give A Damn Book
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About the Book

The goal of Amazon best-seller, Give A Damn, is to help people develop a greater awareness of the thoughts and actions that currently and/or eventually lead people to selfish and irresponsible behaviors. My goal is for this book to guide people toward a better mindset. We can make a difference, one person at a time.

The topic is refreshing!

With this work, Mark is working to create cultural changes that combat many of the trends we as a society are struggling with. He writes in an inspiring and motivating, yet also approachable and down-to-earth way. The topic is refreshing and this is a great read for all ages.
James Packer
Amazon Review

Truly, inspiring book!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book. It is a must read for EVERYONE on the planet. You will nod your head in agreement, you will smile, you will laugh, and you will shake your head in disgust and horror. Everyone will resonate with at least one story in this book. It’s real, it’s down to earth, and it’s a quick and enjoyable read that will truly make a difference in your life. If you implement even one idea, you will notice a change. The steps are so easy to integrate into your day, they don’t add to your to do list and are not time consuming. These are tools you integrate into the life you’re already living to make it better. The huge plus is that while your life is better, you really are changing the world for good. Every little bit counts. The ripple effect is huge and you’ll KNOW it because the shifts occur so quickly.

Mark S. Lewis is not a trained psychologist or psychiatrist, he’s a businessman. A successful businessman who has written one of the best self-help books ever written disguised as a book on cultural change. Mark nailed it on both counts. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!
T Love
Amazon Review
Lewis pulls the sacred grail of common sense and decency that has been lost over the past few decades out for us. Great read and the acknowledgement at the end of what we ought to be doing in our lives and our interactions with our fellow man.
Tommy K.
Amazon Review

Take the Pledge

Whether it is an unexpected act of kindness, providing extraordinary customer service, or being sincerely interested in every word that a friend says, Give a Damn people usually have one thing in common: They consistently do more than what is expected of them and make doing more for others their primary focus.

This is your chance to make a tangible difference in your community and America. We want you to join The Give A Damn Movement and pledge to educate and promote the values and principles of Give A Damn. If every person and organization starts implementing these principles daily, we can be the change we all want to see. Sign the GAD! Pledge now.


Steve Gleason, Opening Forward

“When I think about individuals who embody a Give a Damn attitude, former NFL Saints player, Steve Gleason certainly comes to mind, and is at the top of my list. He will always be remembered for the punt he blocked against the Atlanta Falcons the night that the Superdome reopened for the first time after Hurricane Katrina. In fact, he became a symbol of the city’s resilience after such a terrible storm. A few years later, Steve was diagnosed with ALS, a terminal neuromuscular disease, otherwise known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Gleason is determined to find a cure for ALS and also to inspire others by continuing to live his life to the fullest, despite his diagnosis.

Steve: With all the love and support that I have received from family and friends, despite my ALS diagnosis, I have been able to find a way to lead a productive and purposeful life by helping others as best I can. Despite so many challenges, I feel like I’ve been able to conquer ALS. Our foundation (Team Gleason) and the resulting philanthropic venture (Answer ALS), allows us to help others live triumphant and meaningful lives – to be fellow conquerors; instead of being forced to fade away and die a silent death. Together we (as you would say – Give A Damn) are empowering families to overcome the injustices of ALS. Most importantly, we’re taking positive steps toward our ultimate goal – Ending ALS.”

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