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We provide business coaching services
across many functional areas.

Communiqué provides business coaching services across many functional areas. We coach and consult small businesses and professionals to help them develop initiatives to be the best person they can be, both personally and professionally.  This involves developing and implementing strategies to solve unique and extraordinary business and life challenges for growth and prosperity.

Coaching is a partnership between two people and not everyone is a right fit.  To learn more about how Mark Lewis coaches and his philosophy on coaching, download the document.

Mark Lewis

We are a business management and consulting firm that provides comprehensive business and management solutions to meet the needs of organizations in the Gulf Coast Region.

Mark Lewis

Our firm utilizes its diverse experience, educational background and the expertise of our business partners to assist small and mid-size organizations seeking guidance and strategies in: 

  • Business plan and market development
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Technology Implementation
  • Hiring and firing
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Capital Access
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Turnaround strategies
  • Business start up mentoring
  • Entrepreneurial Challenges

To uncover and understand your specific needs and
customize a solution for your success.

Your company can rely on our depth of knowledge, entrepreneurial experience, partner resources and hands-on experience to maximize potential for growth and profit.

We distinguish three distinct stages of company growth, each having its own inflection point, this requiring a shift in business: 

Stage 1: The business owner is the business

He or she drives performance in all areas of the company, and success is completely owner-dependent.

Stage 2: The business owner creates a system
He or she develops repeatable functions within the company and begins to delegate core responsibilities.  This allows the owner to focus on building greater long-term value.

Stage 3: The business owner manages an investment

He or she achieves the “machine” that great entrepreneur’s dream of creating.  People, strategy, and processes are completely aligned. 

executive coaching
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