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Inspirational Speaker

inspirational speaker

Motivating and inspiring your employees, team, or organization is a key to success.

Challenging and transforming your organization to be the best that it can be is another key to success.

Empowering employees to see their future in a positive light and inspiring them to work together is yet another key to success. 

Achieving all three factors is how Mark Lewis does it.  He is an energetic, thoughtful, and engaging speaker whose presentations provide valuable business and personal stories that inspires motivation and insight to help businesses and individuals succeed at all levels. His GIVE A DAMN! mindset focuses on the challenges facing society and business, how we got to where we are today, and how a GIVE A DAMN! attitude can make a difference both professionally and personally. 

Key Note Speaker at GATEWAY

GATEWAY is one of the Gulf South’s premier annual business conferences for corporations, government, nonprofits, and minority business enterprises. This two-day event draws hundreds from across the United States to New Orleans, LA, providing a venue for thought-provoking discussions, relevant training, efficient matchmaking, and recognition of the region’s first-in-class businesses.

As a keynote speaker for Gateway, Mark provided all attendees with a challenge to change our current mindset in order for society to prosper. Lewis’ GIVE A DAMN book presentation provided initiatives for each individual, employee, and CEO in any field to implement, which will effectively lead to greater success, happiness, and clarity both personally and professionally. The GIVE A DAMN attitude is the positive ticket to cultural change for society and business, and it begins with each one of us.

Mark’s passion is to help make the world a better place to live in. Based on his experiences in life, coaching, and entrepreneurial endeavors, he wrote the Amazon best-selling book, GIVE A DAMN – The Ticket to Cultural Change for these reasons:

1)  To help individuals and organizations develop a stronger awareness and understanding of how their thoughts and actions can lead to behaviors that are selfish, irresponsible, and destructive,  2)  To help people be happier, less stressed, and succeed as individuals, 3)  To help make the world a much better place to live in. 4)  To help people live longer. 5)  To help support The Team Gleason Foundation.  Team Gleason provides technology resources to people who have Lou Gehrig’s disease, better known as ALS, so that they can live a more fulfilling life.  Twenty percent of all GIVE A DAMN book proceeds are donated to Team Gleason in support of their initiative.

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