The Unthinkable Approach to Hiring

An Interview Tool to help you hire the right employees to fit your Company’s Culture

A Unique and Special Interview Tool E book 1
A Unique and Special Interview Tool E book 1
take the first step to improving your company’s culture

The Unique and Special Interview Tool

Hiring someone with the right work skills is not enough. You want to know how they think!!

What you are looking for is someone who will fit into your work culture, is a team player and will help your company succeed. To do that, you must first understand your job candidate’s motivations, values and thinking process.

The interview prompts in this guide are a unique and quite successful method that will help you find that “A” player with the right attitude amongst your stack of resumes. 

In using these 1 – 2+ word prompts, you will get a sense of how each job candidate thinks, solves problems, manages stress, and/or initiates new ideas.

You will have a much clearer understanding of how they will collaborate and communicate with others, and whether or not they will fit into your company’s culture.

Hiring the wrong person can cost you time and thousands of dollars

This interview technique will help you quickly discover your future employee’s potential and whether he or she is a good fit for your company. The time is now for you to find the right person to grow your business.


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