The Unthinkable Approach to Hiring – tHAT WORKS!

We have developed the most cost-effective and Best Interview Program to help companies hire the right (and avoid the wrong) employees that will fit into a company’s culture; it works and helps the company grow the business.

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The Unique and Special Interview Program

Hiring an employee with the right skill set is the wrong way to hire an employee. Mind you, it does matter, but what matters most is that you want to hire prospective employees based on how they think and fit into your company culture, and it is vitally important!  Hire for Culture, Train for Skill!

What you are looking for is someone who is a team player, and will help your company succeed. To do that, you must first understand your job candidate’s motivations, values, and thinking process and how they relate to your company’s core values.

Our Unique and Special Interview Program provides interview prompts that are unique, and the program has been quite a successful method for finding that “A” player with the right attitude amongst your stack of resumes. Again, Hire for Culture, Train for Skill!

In using the 1 – 2+ word interview prompts (there are 90+ in the program), you will get a sense of how each job candidate thinks, solves problems, manages stress, and/or initiates new ideas. You will have a much clearer understanding of how they will collaborate, communicate and work with others in the company. One bad hire can have a profound effect on all the other employees!

A wrong hire can cost thousands of dollars!

Our interview program technique will help you quickly discover your future employee’s attitude and potential and whether or not he or she is a good fit for your company. Most importantly, it clearly helps you avoid a bad hire.  We cannot emphasize this enough:  HIRE FOR CULTURE, TRAIN FOR SKILL!   Take that important step today and invest in fortifying your company’s culture.

The time is now for you to use the Unthinkable Approach to Hiring Program to find the right person to grow your business.

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