Warding off Negativity with 3 Simple Affirmations

Healthy revenue and a positive business outlook have an inseparable relationship. They feed one another. While some may argue, at first, against the idea, the truth is that revenue will always follow quality and excellence in customer service in both product and service. The key to maintaining high-quality service is for management to invest in building a positive workplace environment and business philosophy. Employees, in turn, need to commit to this standard with personal pride. 

Here are three statements that I believe cover this ground.

  1. Positive Gestures Provide for a Positive Attitude.

Even though we may be familiar with the idea of “presenting as professional” it’s easy to lose track of simple, straightforward gestures that go a long way with customers. Consider this: when was the last time you smiled at a customer or client? When speaking to a customer over the phone, do you smile? The smile is a simple, nearly effortless token of kindness. It says to the customer, “Aside from your business, you matter as a person, too”. A smile is empowering to the customer. You may also find that injecting a few more smiles into your workday will also empower you to do your best. Simple smiling also has a profound effect on the human body.

2. Our Words Matter 

Words are our connection to the world. They matter. You may get caught up in the company’s jargon and forget to use your own words that offer a distinctive way of speaking. Be careful that your word choice isn’t associated with negativity. Put some thought into which words you are using and why. Think before speaking is much easier said than done. For instance, it’s easy to slip a word such as “crazy” into an offhand remark but think about what unwanted associations you bring to the conversation. Tone is also crucial. While our voice remains the same, tone can be used to bend our voices to fit the conversation’s mood and goal. Are you speaking confidently to customers and clients? Often a blunt way of speaking comes off as aggressive. Both word choice and tone affect how others hear our words. They can quickly shift a conversation towards or away from a positive conclusion. 

3. Empathy is King

How often do you put yourself in another person’s shoes on any given day? Empathy is considered a trademark human quality. Understanding where someone else is coming from is a compassionate and priceless business skill. A business that demonstrates compassion will always come out ahead of its competition. Everyone ideally wants access to empathetic people. Much like simple gestures, showing that you care about a customer’s needs because you understand the need itself makes the difference between a positive interaction and a destructive one. 

If you run into a hostile customer or a negative co-worker, take a moment to consider what may be going on beneath the surface. Everyone has a rough time now and then, and a person who acts belligerent may not be having their best day. By offering someone the benefit of the doubt, you are practicing a reinforcing type of empathy. You never know; your gestures of positivity may provide them with the perspective they need to pull themselves out of whatever bind they are in.

Combatting negativity and maintaining a positive and compassionate outlook on all fronts is one of the best approaches to success, and it often doesn’t take very much.

Simple is still powerful. If you would like to learn more, please feel free to contact me at mlewis@communiquellc.com.

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