Do you Give A Damn? Really…Do you? Will you pick up the Rusty Nail?

I ask this question because there are a lot of people who do. That is, they care and want the best for America, for others, and their families. Yet, let’s go back in time, say 50 years ago. Do we have more give a damn people today than we did back then? Are people more empathetic? Are people more altruistic? Are people more caring and loving today than they were 50 years ago? 

My research, analysis, and many of my own experiences led me to write the book, GIVE A DAMN – The Ticket to Cultural Change. Did the answers to these questions become clear? Absolutely not. I had to figure out a way to get a message across to America that we need to somehow change the way we think, and it led to the development of what I would call a GIVE A DAMN philosophy that is documented in my book, and one that is so desperately needed. Here is where you come in.

Our society is going through a very difficult time and it has been going on for years. There is great social unrest, selfishness, and negativity being promoted throughout America and the world. There are many factors that have led to this unrest and it boils down to a very simple problem: many people just don’t give a damn about others. Some know it, others don’t. With greed and a lack of respect for others, doing what is right seems to be more the exception than the rule. More and more people are internally motivated and ego-driven with an attitude of, “What’s in it for me?” We have slowly (over the past 50 years) become a selfish society with few morals and care for others. We either don’t know what our actions or comments are doing to the detriment of others, or we simply are not concerned about others and what our actions might have on them.

Let me explain with a simple example. Most people walking down a street would kick a rusty nail rather than pick it up. But if the rusty nail was in the middle of your driveway, what would you do? You would pick it up. Why? Because the nail could harm you or your car. A nail on a public road or sidewalk could do similar damage to someone else, but we don’t seem to care enough to pick it up if it’s not in our driveway. We don’t think or give a damn what could happen to someone else…what does this mean? This is what I call “internalizing”. When we think more externally (always thinking outside of ourselves and actually picking up the nail), that is when you show you truly give a damn. 

Why is this happening to our society and why does it continue? There are so many factors that have caused us to behave and communicate poorly as a society. I have done the research to prove it. It’s all in my book. So how do we take this massive country (or world) ship and turn it around? We can change society’s course…to join the GIVE A DAMN movement and why is it so important?

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The answers are simple but not easy to achieve. The answer to the first question is: By giving a damn, we become a happier, healthier and longer living person and society prospers (it’s all justified in my book). The answer to the second question: We change course by engaging people to join a movement, the GIVE A DAMN movement. If we don’t change our mindset to be more altruistic, society will destroy itself.  

This is where you come in. Many people want positive change so I’m starting a GIVE A DAMN (GAD) movement for people to join. GIVE A DAMN is the change agent we need to become a more loving, altruistic, and caring society.  As millions join this grassroots movement, we can communicate to others how vastly important it is, but more importantly, we can show how it will improve our lives over and over again. It is a simple concept but changing a mindset can be very difficult. By Joining the GAD movement, you will be part of something that can help change the world, and it costs nothing but helping the world change its mindset. 

So do you Give a Damn? Really,…do you? If so, then you will want to be part of the GIVE A DAMN movement by taking the American Accountability Pledge. It is a simple pledge that says you want a better world and that you agree and want to abide by the principles of the GIVE A DAMN Movement listed in the pledge. Individually you can make a difference, but collectively we change the world.

Do you pledge to FULLY carry out the principles of the GIVE A DAMN philosophy each and every day to the best of my ability? If so, please join us now by taking the pledge at https://www.giveadamnbook.com/american-accountability-pledge now!

Once you take the pledge, please pass this same information on to your friends, family, and cohorts for them to also join you in this movement. You and I (we) can make a difference and more importantly, we need to! Thank you.  

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