Mark S. Lewis is a nationally acclaimed speaker, author, entrepreneur, and executive coach.
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CEO Course Helps Executives Develop a Superior Vision and Succeed in 2022

In order to be the best, you have to learn from the best. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn how to become a successful leader from America’s most acclaimed business coach, consultant and bestselling author, Mark S. Lewis.

His new CEO Round Table Playbook course consists of 10 sessions and roundtable discussions. It focuses on the skills that you need to excel in today’s vastly and quickly changing entrepreneurial landscape and empowers you with actionable tools that will allow you to implement more effective business strategies.

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The launch coincides with a recent exposé from Forbes. Their investigation revealed that 86% of employers and employees alike believe that leadership is in crisis.  

Although the reasons for this are complex, as Forbes and other commentators have identified, the inability of managers and high-level executives to lead with purpose, vision, and empathy is a key and recurrent culprit. As such, Communiqué and Mark S. Lewis are proud to present you 

with their new intensive workshop. As Lewis says, “every coach needs the right playbook”.

Drawing on Lewis’ vast experience as an entrepreneur, CEO, consultant, and coach to executive coaches, the playbook course focuses on a number of key business areas. It begins with innovation, purpose and divergent thinking, helping you to craft a meaningful and distinct vision statement, mission statement, and value proposition and more.

These teachings derive from his unique ‘Give a Damn’ philosophy, which was pioneered in his bestselling book ‘GIVE A DAMN! – The Ticket to Cultural Change’ (2018). You can find more information on the book at

From there, you will be shown how to develop and set goals using the SMART method. The leadership course focuses on how you can implement more productive practices and procedures to improve your business’s cohesion and resource efficiency.

However, Lewis also focuses on the human side of business coaching and leadership. For management executives, like yourself, he will help you to expand your leadership ability and gain vast improvements in employee morale and engagement by honing your people skills and enhancing your emotional intelligence. 

Similarly, he helps teach executives how they can find the right person, through his unique hiring technique, to grow their business, someone who embodies all the above qualities.

Mark S. Lewis is a nationally acclaimed speaker, author, entrepreneur, and executive coach. His work has been featured widely on 92KQRS, WWLTV and ABC, and he was recently awarded the ‘Marshall Klein Louisiana Entrepreneur of the Year’ Award. 

A spokesperson for the playbook offered this perspective, “Our playbook course is designed to inspire and transform leaders by teaching them indispensable skills. The knowledge gained from this course will result in professional growth for leaders personally and for the organizations they oversee.”

Thanks to Communiqué and Mark S. Lewis, you will be able to face the challenges of a quickly changing and complex business landscape with ease.

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